Bright yellow adidas superstar 2 is the ultimate in outdoor-based urban footwear. This is the type of sneaker that will have non- sneakerheads taking notice on the street. The heel area execution also has an additional boundary of silver colored welds over, which brings out the detail emphatically. The end result is a trainer that protects runners from the impact of the road without interfering with the wearer’s gait.

The Adidas superstar 2 has high-density rubber at both the front and rear of the tread with an exposed midsole section in the middle of the shoe. Those workout warriors will also notice that the Adidas superstar 2 has a design that eliminates seam lines, for a more fluid and graceful look. Inverted ‘V” shaped knit bands accommodate the blue Flywire cords, and it does it in way so that the loops are integrated into the upper – this eliminates any pressure which could have resulted from tightening the lace loops. I've run on nearly every surface with this shoe - track, concrete, asphalt, packed dirt, loose gravel, and sand - and it handles all of them reasonably well, if not admirably. These are truly a do-anything, run-anywhere shoe. The entire area of the synthetic leather component which forms the eyestay is both printed and embossed. Functionally, it has little value, but from an aesthetics perspective, it brings an element of depth to the overall design. Still, the Adidas superstar 2 is better suited for the neutral- or under-pronators as well.

Adidas superstar 2 is pretty traditional. TPU heel counter, keeps your heel in place so it won’t shift side to side within the shoe – this is what prevents ankle injuries. Over-pronators will not find sufficient stability here. The spongiest part of the upper – around the achilles tendon and ankle – also made the shoe very comfortable. The iridescent quality here is something we’ve seen other brands capitalize off of recently, and with an array of rainbow shades, it’s only right that Adidas dress the laces in a tie-dye display of rainbow shades to match.

Adidas superstar 2 is decent. The adidas superstar 2 uk is one small tweak away from being the best racing flat I’ve ever worn. If it were up to me, I'd reduce the width, shrink the toebox a little, lower the drop to 8 mm, and probably find ways to shed weight on both the upper and the outsole, thereby reducing the shoe's weight to around 10. 5 ounces.